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Hi all,

First post here for me.

Just got to pass N+. N+ is my last MCSA exam and i am glad cos I really want to get into networking, i just don't enjoy this MS business:)

Starting CCNA next week, I was looking at books and noticed the following:
1 - Wendell Odom from CISCO Press
2 - Richard Deal from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
3 - Todd Lammle from Sybex

I did my MCSA MS exams using Sybex books and I thought that they only covered half the stuff required for the exam (had to take 70-291 twice).

Option 2 seems good and has good reviews in Amazon but you guys seem to go on about 1 and 3.

I feel like buying 1 and 2 or do you think that one should need only one study book and bying 2 books is a bit overkilled?
Just what is everyone's opinion? Be open and tell me all frankly what you think?

Thank you very much (your forum rules)
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    The Lammle book contains everything you need to pass, but the Odom one goes into more detail and offers information that won't be tested on (for example RSTP). I also prefer the Lammle style of writing. Subnetting in your head is important for the exam, and the way Lammle teaches it is superb.

    If you're only going to get one book, get the Lammle Deluxe Edition, which contains a decent enough routersim and plenty of practice questions, but by all means supplement it with the Cisco Press books for extra detail where you feel you need it. To be honest, I didn't even consider any other options.
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    Thanks for the suggestion bobob.
    A little knowledge is dangerous...
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    I used the cisco press books for reading cause I think you need a big background.

    But I only 'studied' the sybex book.

    I think when you don't have any cisco background knowledge, the best thing you can do is buy a more detailed book.

    Good luck studying ;)

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    If you're going out there to buy Todd's book, just make sure you get the 4th Edition. I don't know why.... but the majority of the book stores I've went to sell the 3rd Edition and think it's the latest.


    p.s. I wish there were some kind of "Reviews" section where users could post something similar to the comments found on Amazon.com, etc. In fact, it is those very comments that I came to know that the 3rd Edition was outdated.
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