VPN client profiles

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Hello people, i have a doubt.
My boss gave the following task:
Create 3 different VPN profiles for people who access outside our offices, the first one should authenticate against the active directory the other one with a local account, i dont remember the third one now, but how can i do that?. The people that authenticates against the AD should only see the servers that are located in the main offices, the people that uses a local account to authenticate must see all the servers(we have server located @ a datacenter).


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    I think i have figured it out.
    We have two differents ISPs, im going to configure the VPN client with the public ip address of one of the interfaces and im going to configure radius for this one.
    With the public ip address of the other ISP(other interface),i'll set some ACL's for the VPN clients that authenticates locally.
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