CCNA EXAM 640-801 FAILED (SCORE - 792)

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I took 640-801 Exam this morning and failed icon_cry.gif ; I got 792; I got 56 questions; and I was only able to attempt 49 questions; I got 6-8 Simulations; I got RIP, OSPF, Frame Relay, Access List, Network Troubleshooting Simulations;
Another thing the Exam Center had very slow PCs (Pentium-II); I know that the exam doesnot count the time, when it loads the Simulation; But when I was typing the commands on Router, it was very very slow;

I have a question; When we start the exam, it asks about your experience with different topics e.g LAN, WAN, Access Lists, Routing etc.; It was having different options e.g. No experience, Good working experience; (However its not a part of exam), But does your exam depend on these selections; I selected "Good Working Experience" for all topics;

Please let me know, if it makes a difference or not.


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    I don't think that survey has anything to do with the level of difficulty of the exam --or it had better not, becuase you can actually sue companies if they do things like that. And believe me, big companies *don't* do things like that. So I guess a flunk is a flunk.

    But that controversial issue of sluggish computer/testing center performance still remains in question.

    Search for a good testing center (even if you have to drive a couple of miles, it pays) and prepare well. Hope you do better next time.

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    Woooww 6-8 simulations?? And even a Frame relay simulation?

    You have to know your stuff but I think you also need some luck for the questions you get on your CCNA exam.

    I don't know if you used a simulation program or some routers for studying but you need some experience in configuring these "things".

    Good luck studying ;)
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