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Not happy with what’s available; I have designed and built my own pc speakers. I have tried cheapies all the way up to the Klipsch. I have a working prototype running on a borrowed 30w. Amp from my old Cambridge Sound Works set. The only thing wrong is cosmetics; my final set will be made of Teak. I have a source (DIY) for a 100w. Amp for my final set. I live in an upstairs apt. and over half volume with 30w. Brings the broomsticks pounding at my feet! This a 3 pc. Set, 2 satellites and sub. The satellites are 3” mids and a horn tweeter w/crossovers. The sub is a 6” in a ported box. But my set is not like any I have heard. The mid’s are crisp, high’s are sharp, bass is punchy. This sound like crap with DVD’s only because it is under powered, but from rock to classical sounds bitchin! I am working on some pictures and curious, anyone else done this? I lined the sub with Dynamat and the tweets are top firing


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    I was running my Peavy stack through a 2000W dual chanel head unit with a 24 chanel mixer, 36 band graphic equaliser, TL electronics compressor and focusrite enhancer. Perhaps not the best quality, but I could wake the neighbours up almost a mile away icon_wink.gif
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