Cisco Student Guides vs Cisco Press Self Study Material

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Do the student guides offered on Cisco courses (such as a 5-day Cvoice class, etc) differ a lot in content as compared to Cisco Press Self Study guides? I've heard that the student guides offer a 'straight-to-the-point' version of material as compared to a self study guides, but I myself haven't seen what the student guides look like as I believe they are only handed out on these courses(?)

Is it sufficient enough to go through the student guide alone or is it best to double up and read both versions of material? I've heard that some of the student guides can be close to 1000 pages as well, so I'm wondering what the differences are.

If someone could shed some light on this then that would be great...ta in advance icon_cool.gif


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    The student guides are designed for instructor led classes and are not well suited for stand alone self studyapplications. They leave the majority of the "why" to the instructor and are mostly details about the topic (Some are better than others). For the exam there's nothing better than the student guides, they are what the exam is bsed on. I find many answer choices are word for word from the student guide.
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    just for addition :

    student guide is composed of several thin straight to the point handbook - like what is frame-relay in general and in cisco view, how does it work in cisco device etc - and with short answer,
    while thick self-study build from a "full" schema about what - how - etc.

    for study material : one method is never enough - and you might want to consider to build a small library for yourself - in case you need to review after a long break.

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