correct inline vlan config

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ok I must be going nuts....

I am trying to get the inline vlan set up to work...

I have a switch and I have made 2 vlans.

Most of my equipment is already connected to vlan 1 and the box I am going to attack is in a new vlan (vlan 51).

I have created a inline VLAN pair on the IDS. I gave it subinterface 1 and included vlans 1 and 51.

Now if I am not completely insane, after I apply all of this the 2 vlans should be able to communicate with each other?

Do I need to setup trunk ports on the switch? I am sorry for the dumb questions but I can't seem to find details on this on the cisco website.

encrypt the encryption, never mind my brain hurts.


  • dtlokeedtlokee Member Posts: 2,381
    I'm assuming you mean IPS not IDS. (IDS does not support inline operation)

    Yes you will need to configure the interfaces on the switch as trunks and ensure they allow the necessary VLANs. Also make sure you are using a similar configuration for the native vlan on both ends (the switch and the IPS.)
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  • livenliven Member Posts: 918
    I really don't see much in the way of config options on the ips.

    I can enter the subinterface, with really doesn't mean much to me, since this isn't a router.

    And I can enter the vlans. which I have done...

    I don't really see anywhere to add the native vlan in the IPS.
    encrypt the encryption, never mind my brain hurts.
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