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I just took the Core test this afternoon. I thought that it was supposed to be Linear, but it was Adaptive.

While reading my final score printout, it says "Answering all questions correctly would give a candidate a very high score, but not necessarily a 1300." Well I got a 1016, so how do I figure out if I missed any questions or not?

Not that it matters too much, since I passed. I am just curious about how these Adaptive tests work.


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    You can't tell if you missed questions or not.
    When reading the speil at the start there is a note about some questions not scored. 3 people had the cut off at 20 questions - 1067 - 965 - 878 - all had the same comments on their score report about 'weak areas'.

    Comptia believes in the 'mushroom' principal when it comes to their tests ... lol. Also if you had read the screen before the test (or visited the Comptia site) you would have known it was adaptive.
    Sources tell me that the adaptive exam is going to be re-evaluated shortly and may possibly be discontinued.
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    as far as i know the a+ exams will remain adaptive until they start testing using the new objectives later this year.
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