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cdad2000cdad2000 Member Posts: 323
I'm a newbie with pix, and I'm trying 2 ping an interface but it says ping <if_name> <ip>???
What happened to ping?


  • AhriakinAhriakin SupremeNetworkOverlord Member Posts: 1,800 ■■■■■■■■□□
    You need to define the interface it will source the PING from. This is very important as you will in all likelihood have vastly differing access restrictions on each, e.g. you might well (and should) deny most ICMP traffic on the external interface but allow it to/from the inside interface from your own subnets so you can do a PING INSIDE x.x.x.x to a private address and have it work vs. PING OUTSIDE x.x.x.x to the same address which can be forced to fail. Just about everything on the PIX requires specification of the interface to which it applies....keeps you honest :)
    We responded to the Year 2000 issue with "Y2K" solutions...isn't this the kind of thinking that got us into trouble in the first place?
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