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I have my test scheduled for tommorow, and just had a quick question...

On questions with more than one answer, do they tell you how many to check? I have been using Transcender to study, and they do. Just wondering if the test will be the same.

Also, would it be worth my time to study in detail netstat/nbtstat modifiers? (netstat -r, -R, -a...etc)

Thanks for a great site, and great TechNotes. Will be using this sight for my CCNA, and Security+ next.
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    I'll chime in. From what I remember, if the question required multiple answers I believe it would say either "choose two" or "choose all that apply". So you always knew it was more than one selection. As far as all the switches for nbtstat and netstat. I don't think I even remember one question relating to them. Definitely wouldn't hurt to go over them again just so you know what they are though. Hope this helps and hopefully someone with a better memory of the test questions will post too. Good luck!
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    You could get a questions about different command and switches and what they do. It is very possible. I am you really should know either way? Dont go to much into it but do remember a few of them.
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    Typically tells you how many to choose.
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