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I spend a little time during the week commuting to and from work as well as one day a week commuting to and from school and was curious if anyone knows of a good audio system for the Security+ that I could throw on a CD and listen to it in my car? Also would be curious to see what the consensus is on video training. I have seen many different videos from testout and from cbt nuggets and from what I have heard most people seem to recommend cbt nuggets more often. I am wanting to knock out the Security+ soon just to get it out of the way so I can move onto the SSCP and then the CISSP.


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    I have'nt come across any audio trainings but as you have mentioned, i would recommend Cbt Nuggets. Its a handy prep.
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    Preplogic has two audio products. One is lecture and the other is Q & A. I have the lecture one and it seems OK.

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    You could make your own. Simply get a mic and read your own notes in to a mp3 file then burn it as an audio cd. Or if you just starting out read in a chapter from the book you are using.

    By using your own notes though you can concentrate on things you feel you are weak on and create you own custom cd. This will take some time but by using multiple senses in learning you will help lock the information in. Plus several months down the road you can listen to your cds you make to review the material.

    I hope this helps.
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