What is the BEST Hard Drive???

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Our Network has had alot of HD faliures from IBM. Does anyone else have a problem with IBM or have a good HD they like? I'm sick of Ghost Enterprise.


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    I use Maxtor. Never had a problem, other than a power outage that caused a drive to fail. Maxtor offered to send a replacement overnight. I also like Seagate. I don't really like Western Digital, they run very hot and noisy. Just me's thoughts.
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    Hmmm, I had an opposite experience with Maxtor and Western Digital. All Maxtors I had at home (never worked at a company where they used Maxtor) made a terrible noise, pretty much as soon as I put data on it. After a year or two they die. I used to prefer Western Digital, I never had a WD that failed (at home nor at work) untill the problems with the hard disk in our webserver, hundreds of WD died last year at my host's datacenter. I think I'll go with Seagate next time, although I still end up buying a cheaper Maxtor. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    I've heard Seagate is good.....W.D. used to be good before they stocked them mainstream IE Best Buy. I've also had problems with Maxtor. As a fair warning never buy IBM Deskstar. I think a HD is like buying an American car, you either get a good one, or you get hosed.
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    Generally speaking it is a matter of opinion.. When i worked for my shop a few years back. we would get computers from CDW, and they all had WD's. We would replace those like there was no tommorow. We would replace with Maxtors. we rarely had any come back with problems. Personnally when i build a machine for someone i pick a maxtor, because i trust the reliability from my past experience. But for my own machines. nothing but seagates.. Seagates are generally quiter. and up till recently had the fastest driver..
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    I think it really comes down to 1 word ... batches - or maybe that should be 2 words ... quality control.
    Myself I use Maxtor or Seagate, but have had failures over the years. Usually when I do it is because that particular batch was prone to failure.
    Luckily my backup regieme is good and I have had great warranty support.
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