Which practice questions best emulate the test?

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I had posted this question in another forum and didn't recieve a response, perhaps I will have better luck here. :)

I have been using Exam Cram questions to compliment my study. I have seen other users that were concerned about their questions and their overall effectiveness to prepare for actual tests. I was wondering if anyone has used these as preparation for A+ or N+. If so, did they help/not help?

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    I did both A+ and N+ in november last year. I used MM's Passport and Exam Cram2 (for the 2007 material). I have to say that, while both were good reads and had great information, neither were very good at prepping me for the test.

    The tests (all 3) were so wacky and out of nowhere, I don't think you can be prepared well by reading.

    Just prepare the best you can and dont be surprised to see 1/4 of the test as crazy stuff. I think thats why the passing score is so low.
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    i agree. i used Mike Meyer's Passport for Network+ and although it had a lot of good information, as a study guide to prepare for the test, it completely failed. it's one thing to write a book about general networking, but it's another thing to write an accurate study guide. Sybex was a little better in terms of preparation for the A+.

    in short, do not rely on practice tests in books or CBT (computer-based training) programs. instead, with each of the test objectives, write detailed notes about every topic using multiple sources -- in my experience, that is the most effective study method when it comes to books. in other words, do not read a book cover to cover and expect to be prepared, but rather read over the objectives and use the books for referencing and note-taking.

    and, of course, experience never hurts icon_wink.gif
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