I Got my A+ Certification!

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I got my A+ Certification! I got bad scores and I still passed! A pass is a pass...maybe it was someone up there that let me pass, because I was convinced that I failed! :)

On the OS portion they asked questions that seemed a little out there --ones I've never thought would be there. There was a lot about winnt, upgrading, and winnt32, and procedures to get to places in windows. I had to guess on a lot of those since I don't pay attention to the titles when I actually go through and fix stuff... icon_confused.gif

Thanks Johan and you all for this useful website and your help! (I thank my highschool teacher for the books and the fun class.)
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif

    and you're welcome :D
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    Congrats on the new cert!
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    Congrats. A pass is a pass. I've been trying to squeeze some time to study for A+. I had no idea the content is so wide. My SYBEX book is 900 pgs icon_cry.gif (I usually count the concepts not the pages). The cost is something else all together. All in all i think its the most difficult cert to study and pay for. Supprisingly enuff its scores the lowest ROI. I've had to convince myself a million times that its worth it.
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    A+ is initially pretty difficult but after a while, with experience and reading, it just becomes a feeling that you get when you are fixing things or taking practice tests. Experience is kind of handy, so is time. I would recommend getting your A+ Certification.
    I want to learn to succeed.
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    yea and i am not saying this so u study less but u got to reamber the passing score on the A+ is alot lower than most the other ones!
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