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Hey guys, wonderful website to be at.

I just had a quick question, I ordered an exam cram book off of and thought I was ordering N10-003 but it showed up today and it was for a N10-002. My question is I know its pretty standard things from the osi model to connectors and what not, would this still be a good study book or should I just go ahead and get a N10-003 exam cram book?


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    I think you got the book for the old exam you want to make sure you get the current exam code for the book if not you might miss out on important information.
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    well you should be looking at the exam objectives....are they covered in it !
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    I believe the main differences are wireless and encryption. If you can, see if you can return your order and get the right one. If they won't let you, it should be pretty close, as long as you have another book and the technotes here, you should be ok
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