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does anyone think that 1 month will be enough to study for this exam ? i dont have my A+ but i have some computer experience, what do yall think ?



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    Well depends on how much you know about network concepts. If you just have basic computer knowledge then I would say get your A+ first then go for the Net+. Sure you could study for a month and cram everything in and memorize everything but thats not worth it IMO. Just cause you can pass a cert doesnt mean you have the experience or know how to go and manage a network or even troubleshoot it. If you want my suggestion get the A+ first by studying and hands on experience. Then do the same thing for the Net+. Having the knowledge to be able to solve problems in the real world is what employers are looking for not someone who can tell me the lengths and speeds of a type of cable but cant troubleshoot or setup a router and setup a managed switch. I hope that makes sense. I am not trying to say that you dont have experience or that you arent smart enough but with basic computer knowledge and only a month to study for me I could memorize everything sure but that wouldnt be enough to understand and grasp all the different aspects of networking like I would want for the real world.
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    If you are a student, ie 8hrs per day studying... 2 weeks should be plenty for Net+, assuming you have an A+. just dont put all your eggs in same basket (dont limit your studying resources), wiki everything that seems important, cover all your bases. most importantly, comptia even gives you objectives to plan your studies.
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