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Well, just signed up for the test, July 3rd! I got my A+ in April, and went right into studying for Net+. I've been using Mike Meyer's book, and have printed out the AWESOME tech notes from this site, between that and experience, I'm hoping for another slam dunk!


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    Good luck, I thought the technotes were helpful. Check out too if you like Mike Myers, he often answers questions in those forums.
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    Ok, think I'm ready, but now having the usual 'day before the test' jitters. I swear, I've never been nervous for any of my tests when I was in the Navy, where if you fail, you get to chip paint for the next 4 years, or any of my college tests, but these cert tests really make me nervous, not sure why.

    Less than 24 hours to go, testing at 9:30 tomorrow morning.
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    Good luck! I hear you on the day before jitters. I've had them for every test I've taken and still always have them before I go in.
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    Passed it, like many others, not as high a score as I'd anticipated (591) but a pass nonetheless! If I could do it over, I'd use more different texts to get a broader knowledge of more subjects, instead of the deep knowledge I got from a few subjects (although I did follow the objectives).

    Texts used were Mike Meyers network+ passport, Technotes, Transcender (the last week of studying), and a few other sites I'd just googled.

    As for the inevitable "What's next" question.... my goals for the year were to take cert exam between each college semester (I've been going full time all year, as well as having a full time job and being a dad... tough, but can be done). So far, so good w/ A+ and Netork+.

    New semester is starting on Monday, but I'm going half time instead of full b/c I will be petitioning 3 courses during the semester so that I can graduate this fall. So, now it's on to the petitioning process during this semester (instead of studying for a cert as I usually do), get those knocked out, then it will be on to Security+ or start my journey down the long, arduous MCSE path.

    Suggestions are welcome, and thanks for all the support here!
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    Congrats, I think your plan sounds good. :)
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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