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hi there,
Actually i have a problem at my work place , my motherboard is keeping beeping and have no display, i already test the memory stick on other mobo, the VGA is integrated ! Can the mobo be bad.
all advice r welcome.(the mobo is an HP BRIO P2 Celeron)


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    Well, it could be the mobo. I have an Asus board, and continuous beeping is memory, while one long beep, followed by three short beeps is video. If you have the manual, look up the beep codes there, or go to HP's website. I bet it's the video....I hate integrated anything(except for Gbit lan) If you can't find the codes, post here the number of beeps, short or long, someone here has them, or can get them.
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    If you've got a spare PCI video card, drop it in and see if you have better results. You may have to change a jumper setting to go from onboard to PCI, but not necessarily.
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    thanks both, Just find out that the mobo has been mark by a srewdriver!
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