CBT Nuggets, general opinion

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What is the general opinion of CBT Nuggets training? For the Cisco CCSP stuff they are one of the few companies that seems to address the current versions of the tests and I was wondering what you guys thought of them.


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    I think they have a good "bang for the buck" ratio.

    And as you've already found -- If you're a "video/cbt person" then CBT Nuggets is the only game in town. :D

    They don't replace lab time or reading the few suggested books (or digging through the Cisco Docs to find material that covers the exam topics), but for a "video person" they are a great addition to your study arsenal.
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    Maybe I'll try SND using only CBT Nuggets and see what happens.
  • hypnotoadhypnotoad Banned Posts: 915
    Update: Don't try it with just CBT Nuggets. It's not deep enough on all the different VPN stuff. I just slightly failed it today.

    I'm not mad though -- I figured I'd end up taking CCNA:Security anyway, so that's what I'll do next. CCNA:Security even has an official book! Unlike the lousy SND :)
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    Sorry to hear that! Jeremy is very good but I think that Security is not his strongest suit. In any event most of the CBTs out there are good supplemental/intro stuff but not sufficient to stand alone for exam prep. IMHO. icon_wink.gif:)

    Good luck with the CCNA:Security if you go that route.
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    To be fair, I've never seen a video series that was sufficient to pass with. It's just not practical for them cover the same amount of information in a 1000 page book.

    Sorry to hear about the fail though. Good luck with CCNA:S!
  • hypnotoadhypnotoad Banned Posts: 915
    Thanks guys -- the content for the CCNA:S looks pretty similar to SND so hopefully I'll just make a quick read of the official study guide and give it another try.

    I'm also going to pick up a pair of 3640's so SDM won't be such a pain to run -- as it is kind of buggy/sluggish in Dynamips! I would load the IPS signatures and the thing would hang and then it seems like redraw would break. I didn't do much lab work on this one.

    Also going to get an ASA 5505 for the two ASA exams, probably late summer.
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