Routing between VLANS

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Does anyone know which cisco routers can route between VLANS. I am getting conflicting stories some people say you need a Fast Eathernet port, others say 2 eathernet ports and some say it depends in the max Kpps of the router.

Does anyone know for sure, if so which series routers are capable, 2500?2610? 3620?

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    I believe that depends on IOS features, not the hardware. While I don't know what IOS version will give you this capability, you should be able to find it if you search for "inter-vlan routing" at
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    Well for sure the 2610 and the 3620 do route between vlans. Not sure about the 2500's.

    I have 2 2500's at home and I haven't really tried to route between vlans with them. Now you have me thinking...hmmm....going to find out if they are able to route between vlans.

    The answer is NO!!! The 2500's do not route between vlans. icon_sad.gif
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    To route between VLANs you need to one have fastethernet ports, diveded in subinterfaces, when you're going to use dot1q or ISL.

    When you have to VLANs configured and want to route between them (and you don't have fastethernet), you need 2 ethernet ports and 1 switch port from VLAN1 and 1 switchport from VLAN2.

    dot1q and ISL are only supported by fastethernet ports and some other stuff ... IOS version I think and some other hardware requirements but I'm not sure of it ...

    Greetz ;)
  • wildfirewildfire Member Posts: 654
    ah thats why my 2612 wont do it! it only has one 10-t interface, so if I buy a NM-2E/4-E I should have no problems?
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
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    Well, you need fastethernet to use dot1q or ISL.

    But I think you need the correct IOS version.

    On the cisco site you can see which IOS you need for ISL and .1q ...

    I have a 1720 router with fastethernet and with 12.0(3)T IOS and it doesn't support isl but with an other IOS (12.3(2)T5) I do have some more features for configuring trunking ...
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    depends on IOS.

    you can do it with some 2500 series.

    like mention before you need something like ISL running.
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    If you are not using VLANs that span multiple switches, then you can setup multiport VLAN on that single switch and assign the router, servers, etc as its members and assign to all VLANs. If ou are using trunk o carry VLAN traffic accross multiple switches you need a Layer 3 Switch, or External Router to route.
  • garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    I run a 3662 router and 2950 switches and a 3550 fiber.There are 60 VLANS in that network.
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    inter vlan routing - well that is an exactly 1 of the ccna training topic. you need subinterfaces on the e0 ( or whatever ethernet ) with different subnets right?? like - so on and point the vlan1 vlan2 to those subnets, and voila you r done...
    10baseT or 100baseT no problemo... we are talking about full duplex option with 100% efficiency... send and receive at the same time...
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