which road do I take?

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After I obtain the A+ cert, should I get into the certifications from Microsoft or would it be better to go into Network +. Which steps do I take down the road to a career in IT?

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    Get a job in IT if you don't have it. That's one of the first steps. As to the certifications are you more interested in systems administration i.e. windows, linux, or on the networking side of things i.e. cisco? If you don't know then studying for the Network+ should help you decide.
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    It all depends on your job right now and what responsibilities you will have/want on your job.

    If your company uses *NIX based systems and you want to grow with them, then you would want to take Network+ and other *NIX based certs. However if you have an MS Windows Infrastructure or you want to work in an MS environment, you may want to take the Network+ (A+ with Network+ can be credited as an elective for MCSA/MCSE course) and move on to the 70-270/70-620 (WinXP/WinVista) exams towards MCSA/MCSE.

    And third, if you are/want to deal mainly with networks, you still go for the Network+ cert then move on to Cisco's CCNA exams. Most of the stuff on the Network+ exam will show up on the CCNA exam but with greater emphasis on Cisco's products.


    Take the Network+ next for it will give you a good understanding of the basics of networking.

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    Thank you guys for the outlook. It does help and it is something I will really need to think about. Network + is something I want to take no matter what, just to have the understandings and basics of networking. After-all, most businesses are networked in some way or another. Itll be good to see how it works. I guess it makes sense basing certain desicions on current jobs or companies. It would be smart choosing certifications that are required by a company id want to grow with. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you again.

    Dreams are made up of small ideas with BIG pictures. Focus is the key that unlocks the door to success.
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