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Has anyone done there training for Network+?
If so rate it 1-10... I like the idea of videos, I get enough reading out of my programming books.

I also have the TechNotes PDF which is nice.
Thinking about knocking this certification out with my Vista next month.
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    I love them!

    JD has also written several comments about his experiences with their products.

    I like how the material is presented in a usable situation and not focused exclusively on passing a test...they take you through situations that will likely come up during the workday.

    Search the forum for more details.
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    I have CCNA, Sharepoint, and the 2008 Intro, and I think they're all very well done.

    The primary reason I take the nuggets over them for Microsoft studies is because they're geared towards a specific exams. TS' are just by topic, so you may end up having to buy multiple for a single exam.
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