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How hard would this exam be and would it even be worth taking if i just obtained my CCNA and Net+


  • Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Network+ isn't in much demand as a certification on it's own right. It's best when coupled by other comptia exams and can also be using as part of your elective on your MCSA (but not MCSE). Which can help get you a entry level help desk job.

    It can still challenging. You will need to know a lot of random networking technologies. Many of which you might even have a hard time getting a lab set up for.

    Over all I don't recommend bothering with it. Comptia shows no signs of improving it's brand recognition for Net+ and I personally found the exam to be too esoteric to bring any real world job skills to your resume.

    That same effort/money and pick up a Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows 2003 or maybe into expanding your CCNA to include voice or security.
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    If you have your CCNA, i wouldn't even consider getting your network+, rather get your ccnp or some type of cert in security which is and will always be in demand.
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