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Hello everyone.

I am a newbie to the group and have a few serious questions for you.
Firstly I see a lot of websites offering course exams and I wonder if they are all genuine?

My experience with computers to date is all self taught and while this is not a bad thing. Learning from making mistakes etc. I really want the certificates to prove that I can do what I can if you know what I mean?

I am erring towards the online courses owing to lack of hours during the day. Has anyone here used online courses and what are your thoughts on this please?

First I will be starting with html course and working upwards.

Kindest regards.
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    Hi Mark,

    I can't give you any recommendations as far as online courses, but I certainly think that getting certifications to prove what you can do and to learn more about IT is definitely a worthwhile pursuit.

    Being mostly self-taught myself, I understand where you are coming from - but I also would stress not underestimating the value of putting yourself in a context where you can learn from your peers.

    I work in technical support and have found that although personal study is indispensable, it is also crucial to get on the job experience and learn from your peers. Learning happens exponentially faster when you put yourself in a setting where you are surrounded with lots of experts, where you can ask questions, and get answers quickly - AND put it into practice.

    So - I wouldn't steer you away from online classes - I only want to point out that whatever your mode of learning, don't forget experience as well as immersing yourself with other people who already know what you want to know.
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    For many of us here a book or two will suffice as it seems the majority of forum contributors are self-taught as well. Understand the outline of the cert you are pursuing and work toward it.

    Hands on experience is certainly the best but not always accessible. Do the best you can, simulate a "live" environment whenever possible.

    Learnkey and CBT Nuggets receive high reviews for computer based training. Does require substansial financial commitment however.

    Good luck in your journey.
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    Hi Guys. Thank you for the advice. I cannot agree more it is far better to have people on hand to show you where you are going wrong with things. My point is that time is a real issue. There is no way that I can go to classes and pay the bills at the same time.

    Hence the chicken or the egg scenario. How do I get good advice and teaching when I am not qualified in the real sense enough to get even the smallest job? It will more than likely be online tutoring for me I guess.

    Thanks again.

    The more I learn the more I like it!
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