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Hey peeps,

Just managed to pass the 70-290 and want to get stuck into the beast as soon as possible!

Any tips on study material? so far I've used MS Press, Exam Cram and Transcender, do you think I should get a Sybex book on top of that lot as well or maybe instead of the MS Press?




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    Richard, I passed this test a week ago and am still recovering from the battering, so to say. Anyways, the test was way harder than expected. I used the MS press book, Nuggets, Transcender and Mark Minasi's Mastering Windows Server 2003. I havent usd Sybex so cant suggest that. But read up the DNS section on the Minasi book, the guy really knows how to teach.

    IMO, the transcender questions were waaay easier than the actual test. Barring maybe 3-4 qyestions on DNS, I did not have to think much while doing the practice tests.

    I would suggest that you know DNS inside and out, and I mean it. Before I took the test I thought my DNS was strong but the test really proved otherwise. Know delegations, forwarders and stubs really well. Setup 3-4 machines and play with DNS, mess it up and reconfigure it to work properly. Dont just click this and click that and suddenly get it working. I'd say note down what you did, what the problem is and how you are going to go about finding a solution. Get the picture?

    RRAS saved me that day and DHCP plyed its part too. 100% on RRAS and 75% on DHCP. Good luck and post up any questions you might have.
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    Congrats on the pass, and good luck with the Beast. It's a smart move hitting that material right away, before you begin forgetting what you've already learned.

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    Thanks guys,

    Yeah, been told that DNS is something I really need to study up on for this exam so I'll make sure I know it inside out!

    Ordering the books today! think I'll go with my usual material and see how I get on from there.


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