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So far I'm starting to get a bit frustrated about resetting the password on this Cisco 91 SOHO router. I followed the directions on Cisco's site but it doesn't seem to work after I restart the router.

I started from the ROM since I didn't have the previous password. The only problem I think I may have is step 14 and 16. On step 14 I typed in exactly what was used in the steps since when I did a show interface in the previous steps it didn't show me the correct hex numbers. And on step 16 I did both the write memory and copy running-config startup-config; they both looked like they worked but after the reset I get the same banner and username/password that was on there.


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    While you are in the router from ROMMON take a look at the config of the console port etc.
    It sounds like it is setup to access the local database on the router.
    you can change this on the console port
    login local

    or while on the router from ROMMON add yourself as a user with the global config command
    username XXXXXXX password YYYYYYY

    The process you are using is changing the enable secret password, but it appears the router is looking for local authenication first.
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