BCMSN on Tuesday. Any pointers?

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This is my lab. I am still sutdying for my BCMSN. I take the test on tuesday. Then I study for my CIT and BCRAN. After that it is time for the CCIE written and finally the lab.


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    I passed the BCMSN and will be doing the BCRAN next friday.
  • tunerXtunerX Member Posts: 447 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I passed the BCRAN. CIT next friday.
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    congrats! what was the exam like?
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    It was a piece of cake. The BSCI was the hardest. If you have modems, ISDN, T1, a frame-switch and several routers you can do every practical exercise in the BCRAN practical studies guide.

    Study NAT, QOS, ISDN, Frame, AAA, and VPN. You should pass no problem.

    My particular test version had some simulator questions, drag and drop, and multiple choice. The sim questions were pretty easy if you have actually done the configs before.
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    how was the bcmsn?
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    It is fairly easy if you have the right equipment to study with. My only problem was that some of the more complex configs in the practical study guide used 4000, 5000, and 6000 series switches. The 3550 does not have a large set of QOS and MLS features. The BCMSN was more into terms and technologies when it dealt with configs that you can only run on the big switches.
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    I passed the CIT today. That completes the track so I now have my CCNP. Next is the CCIE written with a small detour towards the CCDP (only two more tests). I am thinking about doing the CCIP while study for the CCIE Lab. If anyone wants any help, I am here.
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    Any tips on the BCMSN? Any key points to remember?
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