Net+ scheduled...suggestions on where to go next?

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I scheduled my Net+ test for this Thu and am confident I will pass it. I have sec+ and am interested in information security. I want to continue getting these certs (what else am I gonna do with my time right? lol) but from what I've been told these CompTIA ones are pretty elementary. I want to do something that will actually be worth something in the field. These two have both been free so meh, I don't really care but I'd like to get started on some certs that will make a difference for me.

I'm interested in the CCSP. It's five exams. Maybe start on one of those? I learn very quickly and have a lot of free time to mess around and gain experience, so I could probably knock out that whole series in 8-9 months if I got started now.

What do you think? Again my employer will pay for these, but that's not tos ay I won't study my arse off and ace them (or at least try to!) :)



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    People will take the exams that represent their experience (or the topics they work with) or to some extent will take exams in the areas they one day hope to work in.

    As for what you take next, it depends on how you see your career in IT. If you want to pursue the CISCO path, are you working with CISCO today (as it will be much easier for you if you have an environment where you have access to the hardware)....and does it interest you enough to spend most of your waking hours studying for it? Most study is good, but if you do not have an interest in the CISCO side....then pursue something else.

    You may wish to visit the cisco forums here and discuss with those who have completed or are working on completing those exams to determine how easily one completes 5 exams in 9 months.

    I'd recommend working on exams that benefit your current position and those that will keep you employed down the road. FWIW
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    Thanks for the great response. I am definitely interested in it enough. I have a BS in MIS from Rochester Institute of Technology and am planning on eventually starting my own information security firm. As far as having access to the Cisco equipment, I don't have much in my current position, but being certified in ANYTHING Cisco will be beneficial in my career path. I wouldn't mind eventually being a CISSP and/or managing network security using Cisco equipment, but my real goal is entrepreneurship.

    That may be a while down the road still (I'm 23), but in my opinion it can't hurt to be certified.

    I will take your advice about venturing over to the Cisco forums and asking about the exam there. Thanks again!
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    Also, are there any certification paths I could take which are not focused on a specific brand, but will still focus on information security?
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