What to do..hmm CCNA 640-801 or Intro and ICND?

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I am undecided...I was planning to take the INTRO first and then begin the ICND next. This seems like the logical path.

I am not sure now... maybe I'll just continue on and prepare for the CCNA 640-801. My thinking is that the ICND exam will be just as difficult as the CCNA 640-801. Are there 'real' advantages to taking separate exams or am I just paying 'twice the cash' to prolong the pain.

I am interested in getting input from peolpe who have taken the exams.



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    I've made a decision between the two also. The only advantage taking two tests is you can narrow your studying down & miss twice as much questions than the 640-801. However it is two tests whcih require more money & time. I'm going with 640-801, I only want to sit down once to write this test. Good Luck! :)
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    I am doingthe two test track. I passed INTRO pretty easy and I am on track to finish up with ICND in two weeks. I find that it's easier to focus on narrowed subjects than having to study them all at once. Although the subjects for INTRO were pretty basic, once you have subnetting down. I think here is pretty much what easiest for you. I have the time to study for both tests and my company pays as long as I pass.
    Thanks for the help, -cg
  • zoomanzooman Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□

    That is what I figured. Now if I can only firure out a way to combine the MLB
    Playoffs and CCNA study... :P
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    I've been try to decide on what track I should also take....the two exams or the one exam. Right now I think I might go for the one exam, but I might change my mind. The two exams kind of sound better being that you can focus more on a certain area after you take the first exam. Are there any subnetting questions on the 2nd exam?

    At the moment it kind of sucks for me because I have had to cut my studying time down because of night school. This semester it's been pretty busy. icon_evil.gif which means I have to put a lot of time in my school. icon_mad.gif Well I'll just have to see how it goes. I think I'm pretty much ready for the exam...just wanted to polish up on somethings. icon_confused.gif
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    I took the two exam course. I was taking the courses in college and after I did Cisco 1 and 2 I took the INTRO. Then after Cisco 3 and 4 I took the ICND. On the ICND there are subnetting questions, ACL questions, switch config, router config, and your random simulation. That of course is not a comprehensive list but it is an idea of what I had. Some just show you a config and tell you what the problem is and then you have to figure out what is wrong. If you have actually configured routers and switches then you should be in prettty good shape.
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    If you're in the network academy, you're probably best off just going ahead and taking the two exam option. The discount voucher the academy offers is quite substantial (MIne INTRO Exam was 63% off... I took ICND before completing CCNA 4 though, so I paid the entire 100 out of pocket because I'm an impatient kinda guy who wants to start looking for a job *now* and not 2 months down the road). Since you're going to be studying it anyway, the two exams give you the opportunity to focus your areas of study and make progress while you're going through the curriculum.

    If I had done CCNA entirely on self study though, I'd have taken the 801.
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