What I need for a CCNA Home Lab

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I already have 1 Cisco 2501
1 Cisco 2514 and the cables need connect two routers
and Ethernet Recivers.

Do I need any other Cisco devices?


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    Do you have a serial (DB60/v.35) cable between the two routers?

    A switch would make the lab complete, although personally I don't think it is required for the CCNA exam (which mostly involves configuring routers). Nevertheless, if you can spend the money on it, get a 1900 or a 2950 for example.

    Also check out this post:

    and our Hardware TechLab:
  • myhuskymyhusky Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    someone told me I need 4 router 2 switch, that's too much for CCNA right? even too much for CCNP?

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    Yeah, too much for CCNA... although... you can never have 'too much' equipment in your lab ;) But yeah, that would be overdoing it... most of the typical CCNA labs consist of 2 2501 routers and one 1912 or 1924 switch.

    Not too much for CCNP however...
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    How many routers switches needed for CCNP?
    How many for CCIE?

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    That depends on how far you want to go. For CCNP and especially CCIE: the more the better. BUT, for these certs it is more important to get routers and switches of a particular series and with different connections and functionality.
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    Thank you very much for your reply
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    If your going to do the cae studies be prepared to have more equipment than 2 routers and 1 switch. My last case study for Cisco 3 required 5 routers 4 switches. As said early you can never have to much equipment.. I personally have 2 2501's and 2 WS-C2924-XL-E switches.
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