image of HD to Virtual Machine

Can I turn an image of a hard disk. Or a real machine into a virtual machine??? Is it possible?
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    Yes. You can get P2V and V2P tools for the various VMs.
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    Absolutely. The platform you're using for Virtualization would dictate the available methods you could use. Also, Something that's hardware agnostic like Backup Exec System Recovery would take care of any physical to virtual because it was designed to support moving to different hardware in general.
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    David, I had to do this a month ago and it worked great. I had a client with a server running an app that had been replaced with a new one. He still wanted to keep the old app up and running for archival reasons but did not have any of the install media and the company was out of business. The server was a Windows 2003 box running on a HP G3 server. I used VMware's free converter tool to take an image of it. It was a two step process and took about four hours, but when all was said and down the virtual machine was loaded onto an ESXi box and ran great. I had to tweak a few settings that were left over from the HP network card software but other then that it started right up.
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