SSCP or Associate of CISSP?

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Sorry for another question.

The members of my local ISSA chapter say I should go for my Associate of CISSP rather than my SSCP. I have about 2 years experience in security. Plus I have my Bachelors and Sec+ done already.

What are your thoughts?


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    It depends on what you want to do with the certification(s). The SSCP is a full (ISC)2 certification that occasionally appears as "highly desirable" on job descriptions. The CISSP Associate is not a full certification and I have never seen it asked for on any job description. And using the Associate designation to misrepresent yourself as fully CISSP-certified is unethical and can get you banned from the (ISC)2 membership.

    You'll need to collect another two years of InfoSec experience to qualify for the full CISSP, so why not get the SSCP as well? I don't see any advantage of getting the CISSP Associate before the SSCP. And getting only the CISSP Associate simply saves you some money.

    I would ask your fellow ISSA members, "why not get both certifications?" and see what they say. I'll bet they favor the CISSP Associate because they have no experience with the SSCP and believe that it doesn't have any value.
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