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A question for the experts here - I am interested in getting this certification, but am starting pretty much from scratch with very little knowledge of servers. I am beginning my studies with some CBT courses, but I would very much like to have a study guide or two to read.

I've been browsing the forums here for the past week or so, and have noticed several guides recommended, such as the Server+ Certification Bible and the Exam Cram 2 guide. However, these look pretty dated, and now that CompTIA has introduced a new version of the test, I'm wondering if these two will be enough to let me pass the test. Can anyone recommend some newer books that I should look at, or at least confirm that the older books are still adequate for the new test?



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    yes they're outdated, but they will cover most of the test. I don't know what to really recommend, I just checked the objectives and used Wikipedia for the topics I didn't find in the bible book.

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    Everything in those books will still apply to the new test, what won't be covered are all the newer technology references. You'll want to research those in greater detail. Should be listed on the CompTIA Server+ objectives. If not, look for server system hardware information that post-dates the publishing of the book you have chosen to study. I used the Server+ Certification Bible that I got from Amazon for $7, it was vastly outdated but all the concepts and planning information were relevant. All the newer technology I learned from experience since I dealt with that hardware on a daily basis. If I wanted to know, I just pulled web-searches to read white papers and wikipedia on the missing topics. Best of luck!
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    Thanks for the info - I will keep an eye out for those books & websites.
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    Consider the Exam Cram for the new updated Server+ exam.
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