people were not kidding .... the beast ...

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Well I pased 290 last month, and with XP already under the belt, made a start on 291. People were not kidding about it beng know as the beast, respect to all who have passed.

Theres just so much in the book its incredible, makes 270 and 290 look like a walk in the park.

So doing one chapter a day every saturday and sunday and keeping the evenings in the week free to just to do light reading up of the notes. I said to myself I would give myself until the end of 2009 to pass it looks like I might need that !!



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    I actually didnt find this exam too hard, everyone goes on how hard it is. Aslong as you understand concepts of DNS/DHCP/RRAS/IPSEC/Subnetting its quite easy, i scored high on all exams on MCSE track apart from 70-293! Give that one a go! i scored 700 exactly!
    Proper hard. Which does all previous topics plus lots on NLB and clustering etc
    Currently having a break after the MCITP:EA. Citrix or Cisco next, not sure!
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    I'm studying the 70-291 and have the exam scheduled for 3rd of March. Personally I don't think the 70-291 is to bad. I do think that some topics are more challenging for example subnetting and routing and remote access. I think some of the earlier exams were more simple but you were required to know lots of areas and that for me was what made it difficult to pass the exam. Good luck with the exam I will be sure to post my result on the third of March
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    Yep, I agree. I am studying for this test now and even doing daily admin, DNS and RRAS are already in place. I have to use DNS and RRAS, but more of checking and debugging, which is basically end users blaming the system and not their internet/hotel/home connections, LOL.

    I think that DNS will probably be the hardest for me, even though the basic theory seems simple. I am actually getting higher self test scores for 291 than 270/290, but 291's topics are more intersting to me and I have more experience in this area. Hopefully it will pay off.

    Check the other posts, someone posted a link to VTC's website and their free demo's are pretty good, used them in the past. Overlapping info is best. Good luck!
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