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Ok so you would have thought i could figure this one out, I work for an ISP lol.

I've been asked to help a mate who can't access the internet, I started with configuring the router and its up, dsl, ppp all working fine. I can ping external IP address's, the host is being given an IP address and dns ect...

He's using IE 6, tools > auto settings has been selected, no proxy. Ethernet light on nic showing, router ethernet light showing traffic.

Looks like an issue with IE 6 but im not sure what, no apps can access the internet. He did have aol's own browse installed (i uninstalled it) as this wasn't working, unable to find router.

I came across this > winsock repair called winsock xp fix so im going to try that later. Also I have disabled all anti-spyware and virus scanning apps on the host. I might try going through safemode with networking to see if i can get a connection.

Please help, im out of ideas



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    Can you ping external addresses by name? Is DNS configured correctly? Can you access websites with another browser such as Firefox?

    Have you checked for spyware with things like Spybot or AdAware? The winsock fix can often restore network functionality that was broken by spyware.
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    I have tried pinging external address's by name but can't, if i type the IP address of ( i'm still not able to browse. This is effecting all apps that use the internet (norton, firefox, aol, IE, any update) I have scanned for spyware but its not showing anything.

    I have also tryed the router from home and it works fine, also set it up on wireless... got my mate to connect on his ps3 and that worked (location of the duff PC).

    last resort would be to restore windows. pulling my hair out lol
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    Have you tried the network card connection ? I mean can you select right click and select repair ?

    Is it a desktop machine ? could the network card have blown ? have you checked the back of the machine for network activity (ie lights flashing) or even opened the machine to check if the cards has not moved or incorrectly seated ?

    Dodgy network cable ? there are many possibilities, try these and let us know how you get on ?

    Good luck !:)
  • steveo1985steveo1985 Member Posts: 60 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Network cable works as i've tested it from home, the NIC is flashing to show connectivity. I can ping default gateway, have tried uninstall and reinstall of the NIC. I can access the router by typing (default gateway). Would a fault NIC cause an issue like this?
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    seems like you have tried the usual bits. There is a possibility that the NIC is doing something at the same time doing nothing !! lol

    The hardware seems in tact, so can only put it down to a possible software setting or a backdoor trojan, which would mean a system restore.

    have you checked your privacy settings and made sure that they are not set to high on the internet tab ?

    check connections tab for no proxy and auto detect settings ?

    Try that . :)
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