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I just passed. I must say I underestimated this test. I did not pass in my usual percentile, but I passed. I suppose the hardest thing is the fact that I "thought I knew it" and did not spend much time in the way of preperation. For those that are taking this after me.... know basic A+ and Net+ info and how to do all your "normal" (manage users, manipulate files, work with services) all from command line, INCLUDING common switchs.

While back to my true enjoyment.... Cisco
CCDA is next
If you do not feel like a newbie you probably should. :)


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    Thank you for the review. I am preparing to take the exam in about 3 weeks. What did you use to prepare for your exam? Thank you.

    Congratulations on your new certification!
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    Well done. Having A+ and Net+ knowledge is a huge help for this test. The Linux questions themselves are not that difficult but you absolutely have to know the command line.

    Don't even bother learning how to configure the system through Gnome or KDE.
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    I used Linux as my desktop for a year and grazed the Sybex book. It explains a lot but does not cut actually configuring through the CLI. For this past year I have been lazy and done everything through the GUI... like any good M$ user icon_wink.gif . If you go through and do some basic excersises and install one linux with no GUI and another with you will be good to go. I just feel into a trap of having been over confident about the test because I used it as my desktop and took the administration of this test to lightly. I will redeem myself in the future with LPI's and perhaps the RHCE icon_lol.gif .

    sybex and two machines will get you through this one, if you read all the book and know the CLI.

    PS did not read chapters 7, 8, or 9. would have made for a better score I am sure, like I said I over estematedd my knowledge.

    Good Day all.
    If you do not feel like a newbie you probably should. :)
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