domain rename and smart cards/CAs

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Im preparing for 70-294 exam, right now im half through syngress book and it has quite substancial information on smart cards, certificate enrollment and also about domain renaming. So i was wondering, did you get any question about those topics? I ask because smart cards and certificates are more focused on security than AD imho (although i have passed 299 exam and its not that hard for me) but domain renaming is (at least it seems to be) quite overwhelming process to know every detail off the top of my head. So, should i go thorugh it in detail and expect questions about it on the exam?


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    Did you skip over 293? It's not going to be as detailed as that exam, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of those things showed up in 294.
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    nope, i didnt skip 70-293. why do you ask? its not like there were domain renameing in 293 :)
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    No, but that's pretty straight forward. I was referring to PKI, autoenrollment, certificates, and smart cards. 294 should be smooth sailing as long as you've got all that under your belt.
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    passed with score 884.

    Really wasnt that tought exam as some say. I got only handful of questions that i hesitated answering and even with those i usually could eliminate 1 or 2 obviously wrong answers.

    That said, i agree that some questions were kinda long and you need time to read through and get the scenario laid out in your head (at some point i even feard that i may get short in time) but as soon as you get the scenario in question cleared up in your head, then its not that tough really to pick the right answer.

    I got 2 sims and they were quite simple also.

    edit: so, i have 298 to beat and then im MCSE :p i wonder if i should go for MCSE:S, as i have all the prerequisites down.
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    If you're thinking about the "S," just study for 299 and sit that and 298 the same day.
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    Actually i already have 299 under my belt, i did it as elective for MCSA, so now its just 298 for MCSE and then i think ISA 2006 for the "S" :)
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    Ah, 298 shouldn't be a problem for you then. There's nothing new on it. If you've been paying attention to best practices and design issues along the way, you should be good to go.
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    WIP: CCENT/CCNA (.....probably)
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    Congrats on the pass and a good score too!
    I've got this one very soon so it's particularly good to hear success stories.

    Good luck on the 70-298
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