Anyone taken 70-236?

Just wondering how difficult the exam was.

I have the MS book for the exam and have spent the last month deploying Exchange 2007 at our office, which is now in production. I am the one who's going to be running it, so I figured I might as well take the exam...

However, I'm still trying to finish up ICND2 and I'm considering studying for 70-236 while I'm at work.

For those who have taken the exam, what are your thoughts on it? I have never taken a Microsoft exam before, so I am unfamiliar with the format.


  • cbriantcbriant Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I'd like to know how difficult it is as well.

    Just passed 70-298 and thought this would get me the MCSE and have now realised that the MCDST doesn't count as an elective. Looks like I'll be doing the Exchange exam as I have a little bit of experience with exchange server 2007. This goes as far as creating mailboxes, viewing message queues, installing the client software, managing public folders and setting up mail enabled objects. I also understand a little bit about the infrastructure, hub-transports, etc..

    It's annoying to have been led to believe that I'd get the MCSE, but I guess it's a good thing in a way as having an Exchange exam under my belt will be good.
  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I'm getting hammered with powershell/cmdlet questions in Transcender. I was tentatively planning on taking this next week, but I might push it back another week. Dig through this forum a bit, and you'll find a decent number of pass posts. Otherwise, I should have an update within a couple of weeks.
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  • tenroutenrou Member Posts: 108
    I think this is a bit of a strange exam.

    It's kind off an exam of two halfs. Approx half of the questions are pretty easy with limited powershell knowledge becuase it's too easy to discount the other possible answers.

    There are however quite a few rather indepth powershell questions that are difficult to answer. I had to guess quite a few questions, although I did get the vast ajority of my guesses correct so they must have been educated guesses.

    It's difficult to get a good score but I can see limited study giving a pass.
  • danclarkedanclarke Member Posts: 160
    I would say 70-236 is a straight-forward exam to study for - certainly easier than the Exchange 2K3 exams - but as tenrou suggets, its a tough exam to pass with a good score.

    I passed with 700 - and I felt very grateful for it.
    -- Dan
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