298, how many testlets?

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I will sit this exam soon and heard that it should be fairly easy for a last exam in MCSE track. I wonder though, how many testlets is there? and how much time you have?


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    I think I had five or six, but it's been awhile. They vary amongst themselves. You may have 15 minutes to answer five questions in one, and another may have 11 questions and give you a half our.
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    ah ok tnx.. didnt know that you have seperate time limit for each testlet... :)

    actually the more i read about easyness of this exam here on the forums, the more i feel temptation to just go knock it out right away :D (i have all the MCSE core exams and 299 as elective under my belt). But i think that i shouldnt underestimate it still :) and go through material to freshen up lil bit... i shouldnt forget that we are not learning just for cert :)
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    Yeah, go through some of the material but if you've already done 293 and 299 then you'll be in pretty good shape in no time :) Don't be too put off by the testlet format, the time limit can be close if you're a slow reader etc but it's not too bad. Good luck with it.
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    I've recently taken the exam a couple of days ago and had five testlets. The time limit varies, but the most I had was 30 mins, the least was 13. I would imagaine that Microsoft probably have more than 5 testlets in the pool so you might get a completely different number of testlets.

    I used every minute remaining on each testlet even if I had finished before it ended. Not sure if the time carries over, but I got the impression that it doesn't which is why I used every minute. You need the time anyway, the only one that could be gone through quickly was the first one because the testlets start of easy and then get harder.

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    Sooo... im back from test center. Passed 298 with 973 points :) Despite the great score (best i have ever got in my MCSE track) i dont conider it to be particulary "easy" exam. The case study format somewhat intimidated me and i was overwhelmed with information i had to read through and take into account in limited time. A couple of times i came pretty close to running out of time. And actually when i waited for results to appear on the screen i was counting for around 800 and 973 was a nice surprise, wasnt expecting it to be honest.

    Anyway, im MCSE now!! :p So its one milestone down! thanks for everyone for tips and suggestions! will take a few drinks tonight, but cant relax for too long :) MCSE: Security needs to be done and then MCITP upgrade path, then some cisco and god knows what else :D
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    Congrats on your MCSE!
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