I did it!

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I've joined the CCNP ranks! Passed the ONT exam this morning with a score of 801 - passing is 790. Not a great score but I'll take it :)

I've been working on this cert since Sept. '07. It's so nice to be done.

Some of my thoughts about the CCNP track:
-In order of difficulty, I would say the BSCI was the most difficult, followed by the ISCW, then the BCMSN, then ONT.
-I initially failed the BSCI and ISCW. Passed the BCMSN and ONT on the first shot.
-Most interesting exam: BSCI
-Least interesting exam: ISCW

I think I'll celebrate tonight by watching the Nuggets kick some Laker ass. :)

CCNA Voice, here I come...
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    tomset wrote: »
    I've joined the CCNP ranks!
    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
    tomset wrote: »
    I'll celebrate tonight
    Sounds like a good plan! drunken_smilie.gif
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    tomset wrote: »
    I think I'll celebrate tonight by watching the Nuggets kick some Laker ass. :)

    Same plan here. The playoffs sure do cut into my study time!
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    Congrats man.

    Good luck with the next track!
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    I think “very senior” gets stuck in there because the last six yahoos that applied for the position couldn’t tell a packet from a Snickers bar.

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    Kobe is from Philly area, but he's not a Sixer (and most Sixers fans hate the Lakers) so I will join you in hoping that the Lakers lose!!!

    Enjoy your celebrations and congrats again!

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    must be a great feeling, congratulations icon_cool.gif
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    Nice work!

    GO NUGGETS!!!!
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    bikeandski wrote: »
    Nice work!

    GO NUGGETS!!!!

    Thanks guys!
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    Good job tom! well done..
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    I don't claim to be an expert, but I sure would like to become one someday.

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