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I do have a question. I have my MCSE / Security and working towards my Bachelors in Computer Science with emphasizes on Security and Networking. I been a Network Administrator for 9 years now working in Windows, Linux, and AS400 Enviornment. I was wondering would make sense for me to go for Network+ and Security+ before my CCENT / CCNA exams? Reason I ask is I am looking down the road to be able to teach networking and security in classroom or maybe go into security field of IT.

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    Judging by your experience and certifications, I think you shouldn't need the Network+. Go for CCNA directly, as it covers Net+ and much more.

    Security+ is good as a foundation for your security knowledge. Some topics will be very entry level to you, but it's interesting to go through the whole material.

    I recommend:

    Sec+ then CCNA: Security.
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