Quickly show a specific router LSA in the OSPF database?

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Hello Guys,

How might i be able to quickly display the router LSAs advertising a specific network? For example, if i have an area with 40 routers and i want to view just the LSA's advertising the network, what command can I use? As of now, i have been able to use the "include" command with the show ip ospf database router command but their must be a better way! Thanks guys.



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    show ip ospf database lsa type lsa link id
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    show ip ospf database lsa type lsa link id

    Thanks and unfortunetly this command is not available on my cisco 1841 router.

    R3#show version
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    if your router can run ospf than it should have that command. For router lsa the link state id and advertising router is the same so its kinds hard to just filter on the prefix. Do a sh ip route prefix and it will tell you who the advertising router is then do a sh ip os data router adv router-id. If that prefix is an multi-access then it is represented by the DR and should be in LSA-2 so it will be pretty easy to see who is advertising it. The link id is only good for lsa 3 & 5 then you can do that command and it will tell you all routers (ABR) advertising that link into the area. It can be kinda tricky navigating the ospf database but once you learn it traffic engineering is pretty simply.
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