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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, mainly because I am looking at passing Network+ by November.

Im here just to ask, what is the best way to study/prepare for the test? My main concern is the OSI model and anything having to do with IPv6(because I have honestly never touched/talked about it).

Ive never taken a certification and would really like to get atleast one under my belt(Im 19 and do IT work for the gov't).

Thanks for your help.


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    Which version of the exam are you taking? I took the 2005 objective (2007 version) exam and I don't remember having to do much with IPv6.

    How have you been going about your studies so far? Also, what's your experience/knowledge level like when it comes to networking topics? I had done a couple certs already (A+ & Vista 620) by the time I got around to the Network+ exam, but I had little in terms of hands on experience. I was aware of protocols and IP addressing, and I understood basic networking hardware, but that was about it. For me, the hardest parts of the exam were getting to a point where I really understood the OSI model (and how different pieces of hardware worked at different layers) and learning the umpteen different protocols and getting subnetting down. Lots of reading and reviewing of different sources and doing countless subnetting practice questions and making my own notes & flash cards really helped me prepare.

    By the way, what resources are you using to study?
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    Well I have hands on experience with running cat5 cable, configuring routers/WAP's, WEP/WPA, activating ports on a switch rack and a little experience with fiber. not to mention the usual setting static IP/DNS.

    setting up subnets based on the IP address, etc...

    So far I have been watching mike meyers videos on Network+(where he talks about the OSI model) and A+.

    I really want network+ before A+. because A+ is not going to take me any further, so I would rather have something that is.

    BTW, N10-004 is what I want to work for.
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    I understand your thinking about net+ first, but after starting in IT through the help of a friend 2 years ago, and working as a desktop support tech for over a year, you really need the information in both, I would even put an emphasis on the soft skills taught in A+ when dealing with users. I used more knowledge from A+ studies in an entry level position than I used Net+, simply because most places don't let entry level techs tinker with the network too much. It's more user support than anything. Would also depend on your career path, but both are helpful in many places because they are 2 different areas at that level. Just my 2 cents.
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