JNCIA/JNCIS sample Lab workbook/prep material request

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Hi guys,
I would like to know if there is someone who can provide me something like a lab materials/study guide that i can practice with that is covered under JNCIA/JNCIS . I have actually created 4 olive images in vmware but I need to practice those which are covered by JNCIA/JNCIS exams. I have already read the studyguide of Juniper but seems that it lacks on practice lab exercises, sometimes kind of complex for a newbie like me :) .

thanks in advance.


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    Oops I thought I had answered this. The lab books are on Junipers site but like Cisco and other vendors they seem to hav fun hiding them to let you find them as a right of passage.
    I can't give you direct links because the will fail if you are not logged on as a fast track member.

    Step one make sure that you have a fast track and log on.

    Step two make sure that you allow pop-ups for the site in your browser because they are using a lot of 443 calls in their active server pages.

    Step three go to step two of any of their training scenarios, that is where step one is watch the videos, step two is get the student guide. On the get the student guide page there are two tabs, "recommend' which lets you download the protected student guide. These are normally only given out at their $600 a day instructor led classes. There is a second tab labeled "optional" which contains a lab guide and a lab topology.

    They are quite extensive and a set is available for each of the five certs available under fast track. Again these are not normally available but Junos Jeff apparently has made breaks in the website to allow fast track members go get "Stuff"

    If you look carefully you will find links and a way to get other documentation, product manuals, software documentation, some of it only several weeks old. I found the security configuration manual for Junos most interesting, big sucker too. You will just have to take your time to find things like that. My mis-spent youth modifying Fortran listing of Zork helped me here because you will definitely find yourself in a maze of twisty little web pages all alike. :) Anyway som aof the things that I pillaged directly to your question are

    Junos for security platforms detailed lab guide
    Troubleshooting Junos platforms detailed lab guide
    Junos Routing Essentials detaled lab guide
    Operating Juniper Switches in the Enterprise detailed lab guide (definitely worth looking at even though you wil probably not be able to do the physical tasks)
    Advanced Juniper Networks routing in the Enterprise detailed lab guide
    Operating Juniper Networks routers in the Enterprise

    The security book that I mentioned that you will come across with a little probing is a 1074 page monster is Junos software Security configuration guide Release 10.0

    So there is lots to be found for the Tech Exams NON-dumper.

    Good luck friend

    p.s. if I made and spelling mistakes or my grammer is a bit off please excuse me I still have a few brain ticks which I am now more rapidly recovering from. If something is totally incoherent let me know and I will try to screw my bright bulb in and amplify.
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    Thanks man. Ill try this ;)
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