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I recently started working on the JNCIP Case studies from Harry Reynolds' JNCIP book. I am working with Olives and was going to attempt to do the second case study which is all about interfaces. I thought that this particular lab might be that great to do because of the many interface types and how I only had fxp interfaces to work with. I know that in the book, all labs build on previous labs and was wondering if you guys have found certain labs more useful than others? I will certainly still attempt to do them all, but what do you guys suggest in the way of studying? Do them all and just acccomodate my configs? Skip certain labs that require real devices? Just wanted some expert opinions. Thanks guys.


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    Well.. Doing all the labs is important.. especially when you consider JNCIP... Since you have olives you may not be able to simulate the interfaces either.. or even when you begin to do some OSPF or ISIS labs there might be some cases where a bandwidth command might have helped but in olives you may be at a disadvantage...

    Just do them all its only going to be technology focussed and nothing to do with how real devices work...
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    Harry does an amazing job with both the IP and the IE books. I learned tons from both of those books and honestly they were/are the foundation of my knowledge.

    The only labs in the IP book that really require real routers would be the interface chapter. Everything else can be done on olives. You do miss out on any physical interface properties like what Hoogan mentioned but for the most part you're good to go.

    I would recommend getting your hands on some real equipment to practice the stuff in the interface chapter but keep in mind that JUNOS allows you to configure hardware that isn't there. So on an olive you could configure an ATM interface, eg. at-0/0/0, it wouldn't do anything but it would it least be some practice at writting out the commands.

    My fav chapters would be the ibgp/ebgp chapters, I learned so much about bgp with those chapters and I seem to reference that knowledge on a daily basis. Most people consider bgp to be a difficult protocol but after what I learned from the IP book I considered it a flexible and power protocol, but it didn't seem difficult to me after that. :D
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