Tons of NAT translations??

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One of my production routers has an interface connected straight to our internet provider. This is (should be) only used for inbound VPN connections.

All internet traffic is routed out a local interface through our firewall.

NAT is currently enabled, but nothing should really ever be NAT'd, since no traffic goes straight out the internet interface... I thought.

I checked my nat translations today, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, from a single internal address to a single external address.

Oddly enough, the external address has a private IP (192.168.X.X)... The internal address isn't on any subnet I have seen on my network, ever. I'm baffled.

I started doing NetFlow so I could monitor the traffic on the interface, and I can't seem to find EITHER of these IP's. What am I missing here???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wow, sounds interesting, keep us posted. Of course, someone more experienced is going to ask you to provide your config....

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    If this isn't a production network, disable NAT and see what happens.
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    mzinz wrote: »
    One of my production routers

    I couldn't resist.
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    Post your NAT configuration and interface configuration as well as a "sh ip nat translations".
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    Could that be the people who are VPN'd in browsing the web?
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