Resources required for CCIE

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Dear all,

although I'm still busy regaining my CCNA I was thinking about the road to CCIE the other day. I was wondering, what resources does it take to become a CCIE ?

- How much time (hours) did you put in ?
- How much money did you invest (books, hardware, fees) ?
- What did you give up for pursuing the CCIE ?

This of course leads me to questions on the results:

- Was it worth it ?
- Did you get a good ROI on your money ?
- Do you now have a CCIE-Level job ?

I would really appreciate if some people who have already got their digits could post some answers icon_smile.gif
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    Not simple questions to answer, but many have been on the various blogs in this section, have a read through them and then come back with specifics would be your best bet.
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