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Hi, just after a quick bit of people thoughts on MCSA/MCSE exam track. As Win Ser 2003 has its main support retiring this year is it worth to bite the bullet and stop aiming for a MCSE and just get an MCSA so I can upgrade to MCTIP:Ser Admin, then carry on with Ser 2008 exams. Just thinking I will get caught short with a bunch of MCP's and no way of upgrading. I wanted to get 70-293 and 70-294 done by the end of this year, but would need to get another 3 exams done next year. Which I am thinking could be when Microsoft pull the plug on the exams. If I did get an MCSA and upgrade to MCTIP:Ser Admin can I do the additional exams on server 2008 to gain Enterprise Admin or is it like another upgrade exam for this?

If I already have 70-290 and 70-291, if I take the XP 70-270 and Comptia Network+ will this give me an MCSA?

Sorry post seems a bit long just have a few questions haha :D
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    I am in the same boat.

    I have completed 70-290, 70-291, but already have A+, Network +.
    I will complete the MCSA after passing the XP exam. (my choice for OS requirement)

    You would need the A+ and the Network + for elective or just chose an elective. It may be possible to choose an elective that would apply to a future MS certification. Maybe the experts could advise us on that.

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    Yeah not a good time to be in this boat lol! Just would be nice if Microsoft actually could give some insite into when they will retire the exams.

    I was hoping to leave the client exam for the end, one thing I have to do is image deployment, creation and management so was not looking forward to doing em.

    Just had a look and seems like you can do the XP exam then choose the Windows 7 or Vista Exam for your elective and still get a MCSA, thinking this is the safer bet at the moment!! icon_sad.gif
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