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Seems like passing BCMSN has become an epidemic as of late with all the new BCMSN pass threads, but here's another!

Got a 930 with all my points lost (literally 0% on this section) on Wireless *shakes fist*. Oh well, I don't use wireless at work and it doesn't really interest me that much.

Anyway, plenty of STP/RSTP/MSTP questions so I encourage future BCMSN/SWITCH candidates to really nail these sections (including how to do STP/RSTP VLAN load balancing over multiple uplinks icon_wink.gif). Other than that, not too many surprises except a few QoS questions which I wouldn't have expected to be there.

Materials used:
Cisco press official cert guide
Exam cram
CBT nuggets (this was easily the best resource for the exam)

2x 3550-EMI
1x 2621XM running CME 4.1 (bought for CCNAV)
1x 7945 IP phone (leftover for CCNAV)

Best of luck to anyone going for this bad boy before it gets retired :)


Edit: Incase anyone asks, i studied for this exam for about 2 months hardcore (2-3 hours after work every day)


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    Congrats! You nailed it.

    Best of luck on your ROUTE test. Be sure to grab GNS3.
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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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    CONGRATS on your pass!!!
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    Congrats. Good luck on the next one icon_thumright.gif
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