Mcitp 70-640

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Who's took the 70-640 test & how hard is it? icon_study.gif I'm studying for it right now for the MCITP Enterprise track & I start my class on this tomorrow. I'm looking to knock this test out in 2-4 weeks @ most. Any advice would be appreciated. icon_thumright.gif


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    I just took it May 10. Now it no longer has the simulator portion so it's all multipe choice. You should be ok. I'd just make sure you know your stuff before taking the test. Check Claymoores sticky thread in this forum area.
    You should be ok with 3-4 weeks depending on how much study time you have and if you have any experience with server 2008.
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    I took the 70-640 the Active Directory test some time ago, it really depends on how much previous experience you have in managing an Active Directory infrastructure and the time you put into study. For me it took me a couple of months 1 - 3.
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