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I'm looking to get a nice reference book for JUNOS as I'll be working with it more pretty soon. A coworker has the cookbook and it seems pretty good browsing through. I'm just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions before I drop some money on the book.

To be clear, I'm not necessarily looking for anything deep on theory, just more configuration examples etc. Something that would help someone who already knows how to do something on IOS and just needs to translate it over to JUNOS.
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    Cookbook sounds like what you may be looking for. Some theory, but main idea is configuration samples.

    For a IOS guy, Juniper and Cisco Routing: Policy and Protocols for Multivendor IP Networks, may come in handy. It covers a good chunk of configuration, and gives it to you in both IOS and JUNOS, so you can really learn how to translate between the two.

    Those are two that come to mind based on what you're looking for.

    Another resource may be the Day One booklets from Juniper. You can find them here. Free downloads, cheap hard copies, and cover a number of topics. You may be interested in the JUNOS Fundamentals to start. You can find them here: Day One Booklets - Juniper Networks
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    I have that book on my shelf. It was an excellent reference when I used to work with M10’s.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll keep those day ones bookmarked for sure.
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